This Text Message ‘BUG’ Finally Made My Mind Up….Verizon Will Have The iPhone Next Month And My Order Is In!

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Uncategorized

“The burning question now is, how widespread is this bug? Informal polls show relatively small percentages of people are affected, but it’s still significant. ZDNet site Hardware 2.0 has been running an informal poll for about 12 hours thus far, with 10% of the respondents reporting trouble with SMS messages sent to the wrong person.”-Source

10%! That’s probably a lot more people than those who had troubles with the iPhone 4’s antennae-gate issue, and it’s been ongoing since March!
I suppose your tablets are safe since they aren’t used for sending text messages but for those of you using Android phones (that includes me) you need to be at aware of this issue. Especially if you start receiving confused replies/messages from people you haven’t even contacted recently.

On the other hand if you enjoy confusing the heck out of your friends and business associates you could always tell them you’re playing text-roulette a new anti-social networking game for Android phones.



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